Scissor lift trailer Plant trailer

7×4 Tandem Plant Trailer Scissor lift Trailer

7×4 Tandem Plant Trailer 2000kg ATM


* FREE jockey wheel
* 4 inch drop axle with 50mm drop floor (made for low clearance scissor lifts)
* Tie down points
* drop down ramp with support legs and hand winch assist
* Drawbar 100x50x3mm, Frame is 70x50x3mm with noggins for your wheel track (this stops floor buckling where wheels run)

* 40mm solid axles with 4inch drop
* 50mm coupling
* LED tail lights
* 4 New wheels and new 14 inch 185LT light trucks

* Spare wheel can be added for $100
* Registration can be offered for Victorian buyers for $130
* Unregistered vehicle permit can be offered for interstate buyers