Flat top Trailer Tandem

10×7 Flat Top Trailer, 2800kg ATM

10’ × 7’ Heavy Duty Tandem Flat Top Trailer,


* FREE jockey wheel
* premiered and Painted in hammertone
* Floor is  2.1mm checker plate
* Tie down rails
* Frame is heavy duty  70x50x3mm, 50x50x2.5mm RHS
* Front removable headboard with fold down gates side/rear that can be easily removed
* Drawbar is 100x50x3mm RHS with a length of 1800mm (long enough to fit toolbox)
* Suspension is heavy duty 60mm roller rocker springs
* Axles are heavy duty solid 45x45mm
* 4 wheel electric brakes
* Wheels and tyres are brand new 14inch steel mag wheels with 185/14 tyres and are Ford light truck
* LED tail lights and reflectors included
* New spare wheels and tyres are available for $110
* Victorian registration is availble for $145