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    The best Trailer Manufacturers in Melbourne!

    Here at U Beaut Trailers we believe in excellent service from the moment our customers walk in the door to the moment they leave with one of our box trailers suited to their needs!  For any of your trailer needs we are your team!

    Car & Box Trailers Manufacturer Company Melbourne

    Why choose us?

    We are a trailer company in Melbourne and we provide a variety of car trailers, plant trailers, box trailers and galvanised box trailers suited to any particular job you need us for!  Allow us to recommend you to some of our favourite trailers by heading in store today. We are located at: 13 Rutherford Rd, Seaford VIC, 3198.

    Trailers for all your needs at U Beaut Trailers.

    For any job or transportation need, our variety of box trailers can help you get the job done and make transportation and travel easier!

    Box trailers

    Our Box Trailers are suited to any particular need of yours! For quick and easy transportation for almost any type of object, our box trailers are for you! Our box trailers are specialised to carry and transport any type of equipment. Whether it be travel equipment for business or personal objects for a road trip, our box trailers are guaranteed to securely store your belongings and objects for many years to come.

    Car Trailers

    Our specialised car trailers are perfect and nifty! For quick and easy travel, you must invest in our car trailers!  Easily attached to your car in a simple to follow method, our specialised car trailers are suited for quick travel means and storing all of your valuables securely!  Ask us for more information on our car trailers today by calling us on: (03) 9708 2691

    Plant Trailers

    Ubeaut Trailers offers a range of plant trailers that are purpose-built to suit a wide range of machinery, including mini excavators and skid steer Bobcats. Our trailers are made from heavy gauge Galvanised steel, which will ensure a much longer structural life span over aluminium. Contact us for more details and receive a quote on one of our plant trailers by sending us an email via:

    Galvanised Box Trailers

    Our galvanised box trailers are heavy duty trailers that are specifically tailored and manufactured to carry heavy loads, objects and equipment for larger trade jobs and longer periods of travel time! If you need this type of trailer storage that is guaranteed to do the job for many years to come give us a call on (03) 9708 2691

    U Beaut Trailers, The Top Car & Plant Trailer Manufacturers in Melbourne!

    If you are in need of a custom trailer, car trailer, plant trailer or more for any specific job or travel, we are your team and we’re here to help! To receive a quote or learn more about our trailers in Melbourne, please feel free to give us a call on: (03) 9708 2691 or contact us via email:


    We can delivery to all major Australian locations. Call for quote.

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    100% Safe Payment

    Buy with confidence using the world’s most popular and secure payment methods

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