Single 6'x 4' Trailer

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6’ × 4’ Heavy Duty Single Axle Trailer

If you’re going on a long drive through the great outback, you’ll need more than just a couple of backpacks and water canisters. Backpacking is a fun way to spend a weekend trip with your friends or family. You don’t need a lot of equipment, just a tent, lightweight mattress, and frisbee.! To carry all such possessions, you need a sturdy, and well-sized trailer hooked to your truck! Just the right thing we have for you! Our 6’x4’ U-Beaut trailer is massively sized to accommodate as many items that you need to carry! The U-Beaut 6×4 Trailer is a sturdy trailer that can carry a lot of weight. It’s perfect for transporting heavy items.

This is a body made out of hot-dipped galvanized sheet metal. It has 300mm sides with tie down rails on the front, the back, and the sides. The semi-modular structure makes it easy to remove the front and rear tailgates so it is easy to load and unload large items. You can also install a smaller 600 mm or even an 800mm cage, which can be fitted onto the case frame. Additionally, the front and rear gates can be easily removed for further convenience.!

The metal beams that are used in the base 50x50x2.5mm frame are Rectangular Hollow Section beams. These beams provide a strong and sturdy support for the load above it. The drawbar is long, measuring 1400mm. It is made from a 70x50x2.5mm metal beam. This allows for storage of a toolbox on it. The axle and base frame assembly is pulled by 14 inch Wheels with a new Sunraysia style rim.. This rim is grippy on muddy and wet roads or off-road surfaces. The tyres can further be upgraded to 185/70 14 wheels and tyres.

if you so desire when ordering or later-on! This ‘Eye to Eye shackle’ leaf springs suspension ensures a smooth, bump-free ride. The galvanized flooring will keep your belongings safe while you drive across a rough, off-road track. The pieces that make up the flooring are welded together so they stay strong.. The welding creates a checker-plate flooring with rolled edges.. This provides a one-piece unit that lasts longer and doesn’t split easily.! The 6×4 Trailer is a lightweight and strong trailer. It comes with a free jockey wheel and LED lights.

This makes it easier for you to see the trailer when you are driving at night.! The U-Beaut 6×4 Trailer comes with a one year structural warranty on the suspension and frame. If there are any problems with these parts, we will be able to service them quickly and easily. Moreover, all our trailers are Australian design rules (ADR’s) 1989 complaint!

Additionally, while ordering, you can ask for a new spare wheel and tyre, for $110 only! Registration for all trailers purchased by Victorian buyers is offered at $145. All our prices are inclusive of GST.