Single 7'x 4' Trailer

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7 × 4 Heavy Duty Single Axle Trailer

If you need to transport light-medium weight items or belongings for short distances often, then single axle trailers are perfect for every trip..! In fact, they are much easier to move, and even park in tight spaces! The U-Beaut 7’x4’ single-axle trailer is a compact size that can hold a lot of your belongings! For some who might be shifting houses, or even their personal office spaces, the 7×4 Trailers can pack in a desk as well as a couple of chairs too! The 7×4 Trailers can easily hold a tent and some mattresses for long distance excursions to nearby hills and valleys. Additionally, you can bring along some heavy gear without any trouble.

The U-Beaut 7×4 Trailer is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable trailer that can handle a large load. It features a hot-dipped galvanised sheet metal body with 400mm sides and tie-down rails along the front and rear, as well as on the sides. The front and rear tailgates are also easily removable, making it easy to load and unload large items.! Along with the included 600mm cage, you can install a smaller a cages too!

These are installed on the case frame, along with the provision for removing the front and rear gates if required. The primary loading hull frame is constructed using 50x50x2.5mm RHS, or Rectangular Hollow Section metal beams. This will allow the trailer to bear maximum weight while driving over rough terrain without buckling. No matter how bumpy the ride, your things will be safe and sound inside the trailer.!

Its 1400mm-long drawbar is manufactured using 70x50x2.5mm RHS metal beam. The axle and base frame assembly is pulled by 185/70 14 Wheels with brand new Sunraysia style rims. The rims on the U-Beaut 7×4 Trailer are not just for show. They also help improve traction on slippery surfaces, like mud or wet roads. If you want, you can change or upgrade the tyres and wheels to better suit your needs. The tyres are 185/70 14 and the wheels are also included. This trailer is able to handle difficult terrain and hills easily because of its leaf springs suspension. This will give you a smooth ride for your goods without any bumps along the way.The galvanized flooring is made of pieces that are welded together.

The welds create a checker-plate flooring that is one piece. This makes the flooring stronger and less likely to split or crack. Weighing in at 750kg, the 7×4 Trailer’s aggregate trailer mass (ATM), makes it a lightweight trailer along with being one of the strongest units in size! You can improve the visibility of your 7×4 Trailer by installing LED lights and a jockey wheel. This will make it easier for other drivers to see your trailer when you are driving at night. In addition, every U-Beaut 7×4 Trailer comes with a one year structural warranty on the suspension and frame.! To boot, all our trailers are Australian design rules (ADR’s) 1989 complaint! Moreover, you can ask for a new spare wheel and tyre, for $110 only, while placing an order! Victorian buyers can avail registration for all trailers purchased at $145. All our prices are inclusive of GST.