Single 7'x 5' Trailer

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7 × 5 Heavy Duty Single Axle Tipper Trailer

When your fun destination is set in the wilderness, you would definitely need to pack in more to face the elements in their raw form! Of course, that necessitates a larger trailer to carry it all! the U-Beaut 7’x 5′ Trailer is single-handedly capable of carrying up to 750 Kg of weight easily! The main chassis for this storage rack is made from 75x50x3mm RHS metal beams. The flooring frame is made from 50x50x2.5mm RHS beams.

This makes the rack very strong and able to hold up to 750 Kilos without too much extra weight on your vehicle! The entire chassis section is attached to a beam measuring 50x100mm in size. The beam is 3mm thick and 1800mm long, which is the perfect length for a trailer that you can attach to your car.. This will help you turn better on roads with curves or hard turns. The U-Beaut 7×5 Trailer is a single-axle, heavy-duty trailer that can hold up to 750kgs.! If you want your rugged structure to have more features, you can choose to install electric brakes. The brake system will have an American and Italian pump/ram combo. This will give you very precise braking without the risk of brake failure or sudden over-braking. The flooring is made of galvanized checker plate that is 2.1mm thick.

The flooring is put together by welding the pieces together and then rolling the edges. This makes it so the flooring doesn’t break easily and lasts longer. This 7×5 Trailer for sale has a Heavy Duty 1400kg ATM tipper measuring 7 feet by 5 feet. It is made of hot-dipped galvanized sheet metal. The trailer also has a door on the side that is 1200mm wide. This way, you can easily load and unload large items without them getting stuck.! The 7×5 Trailer comes fitted with shiny 14inch steel mag wheels with 185/LT light truck tyres! The wheels are covered with extra wide mudflaps to stop any mud or dirt from flying out and getting all over the place. You can also add a spare wheel for an extra $130 only! The LED lights and Reflectors on the 7×5 trailer make it easily visible to oncoming traffic.

It also save you from having to change blown light bulbs often.! For hooking up the 7×5 Trailer for sale, you can choose form a flat or round trailer plug, which is included within the package when ordering! All our 7×5 trailers are complaint with Australian design rules (ADR’s) 1989, as well as including Compliance Plate and VIN number! People who want to buy a trailer but do not have a registered vehicle can pay an extra $35 and complete the registration process in their state. If they are interested in buying a Victorian, they can request registration for an extra $160 only!.. All our prices are inclusive of GST.