9×5 Galvanised Tandem Tipper with 1000mm Cage 2000kg ATM

$ 7,200.00

9×5 Galvanised Tandem Tipper with 1000mm Cage 2000kg ATM


9×5 Galvanised Tandem Tipper with 1000mm Cage 2000kg ATM


    • Heavy Duty 2000kg ATM 9×5 galvanised tipper trailer with 1000mm cage
  • American/Italian pump/ram combo fitted which includes safety valve.
  • Truck battery (No good supplying a small car battery that will go flat after 3 or so full load lifts!). Battery has charge feed wired in to terminal number 2 on the trailer plug. All you need to do is get your sparky to run a feed to this terminal on your vehicle and it will trickle feed the battery.
  • 2.5mm checker plate floor and sides
  • Main chassis is 50x100x3mm RHS with flooring frame made from 50x50x2.5mm RHS
  • Draw bar 3mm 50x100mm RHS with length of 1800mm
  • Axles are heavy-duty solid 40x40mm
  • Mechanical disc brakes fitted
  • NEW Wheels and tyres 14inch steel mag wheels with 185/70 tires (brand new) and are ford 5 stud pattern- can upgrade to Land Cruiser 6 stud wheels or other types- Just Ask for quote!!
  • Tare weight 850kg
  • Capacity (ATM) 2000kg . Can upgrade to 2800kg ATM just ask for quote
  • LED lights included (so you never have to worry about blown bulbs again), Reflectors included
  • Mud flaps included
  • Flat or round trailer plug included (just let me know which one you want)
  • Fully Australian complied, comes with Compliance Plate and VIN number.
  • Registration can be offered to Victorian Buyers for $145
  • Unregistered vehicle permits can be offered to interstate buyers for $35
  • New spare wheels and tyres are available for $110






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