U Beaut Car Trailer Repairs

Quality Car Trailer Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing

U Beaut Trailers not only manufactures trailers but we can also service, repair or modify your trailer. Trailers get a pretty hard life and can often get damaged or deteriorate due to wear and tear.

U Beaut Trailers offers a full trailer repair service including:

  • Brake repairs or replacement
  • Wheel bearing service or replacement
  • Frame repairs or modification

We can also fit accessories such as cages, tool boxes, locks, doors or ramps.

Free Trailer Safety Inspection

The team at U Beaut Trailers have over 20 years in the industry and have the experience, tools and equipment to perform all types of repairs and restoration to your trailer.

Trailers can fatigue over time, particularly if they have been used by tradesman carrying heavy loads of bricks, lumber, sand and soil. The chassis and welds can eventually fail and we would recommend a free regular inspection of your trailer by the team at U-Beaut Trailers to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users.

We have personally seen trailer draw bars literally snap off sending the trailer into the bush. If this trailer had gone across to the other side of the road, the results could have been catastrophic.

We all usually regularly service our cars but the trailer is usually left sitting outside and rarely gets checked.

Wheel bearings can often get neglected and bearing failure often results in your trailer loosing a wheel. A free check with the experts at U Beaut Trailers will soon put your mind at ease. Unfortunately, business owners can be held responsible if equipment is allowed to fall into disrepair and then results in an accident.

U Beaut Trailers will provide you a quote for any repairs and all Car Trailer Repairs are guaranteed.

Call James or the team at U Beaut Trailers on 03 9708 2691 and book your trailer in for a Free Safety Check.

trailer on the road

You can see the rust on the trailer above. This is common on painted steel trailers. They are often left out in the weather and could have wet soil or leaves left in the back for long periods of time.

This is the main reason U Beaut Trailers recommends their fully Galvanised Trailers to provide the best possible rust protection.

Complete Car Trailer Repairs Free Inspection:

The first task is a thorough inspection of the chassis, draw bar and trailer hitch. The U Beaut Trailers team are looking for fatigue cracks, bent or damaged rails or rust.

If the chassis looks good, they will then jack up the trailer and check the wheel bearings. This is done by rocking the wheel back and forward to check bearing clearance. They will also rotate the wheel to see if the bearings are dragging. Correct bearing clearances are critical to ensuring safe operation of your trailer.

They will then inspect the main carriage or tray section to ensure doors and hinges operate correctly. We have seen rear tail gates come off trailers on a highway and that could be lethal situation.

Then we will ensure the brakes work correctly and adjust if necessary. Brakes cables can stretch over time reducing brake pressure and effectiveness. Hydraulic brakes can also leak at the joins or seals can harden over time and cause further leaks and loss of brake pressure.

And lastly it is important that all your lights work so that other motorists know if you are braking or turning.

All U Beaut Car Trailer Repairs will comply with state Road Vehicle Standards legislation.

Handy tip. Never lend your trailers to someone else. They will never treat your trailer with the same respect you show your trailer and it is liable to be returned with damage or missing parts. Why not recommend they buy their own U Beaut Trailer!