Tandem 8' x 5'

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8×5 Tandem Trailer

It could be something heavier or larger you might need to carry from one location to the other. Or, sometimes you might even need to tow or haul heavy-duty equipment or gear, such as a pump, or even a young foal sometimes! No matter what the purpose, if you have been looking for something robust with Two Axles, then U-Beaut 8×5 Tandem is just the carriage trailer for You! As a tandem trailer with two axles, the 8’ x 5’ Tandem has additional strength and durability, leveraging it to carry more weight and have more towing power! Sometimes, you may also use it for towing an additional car, during a breakdown or an engine failure or something similar. Having a ramp helps with towing a vehicle in this scenario. Importantly, Tandem trailers are quite easier to link with your primary vehicle, as well as being easily manoeuvrable.

The U-Beaut 8’x 5′ Tandem can easily carry up to 2000 Kgs of payload across anywhere you wish! A 600mm cage with removable gates at the front and rear provide easily loading and unloading of precious cargo in no time! The full 8 feet by 5 feet sized, U-Beaut 8×5 tandem is made using hot-dipped, galvanised metal making it the most rust resistant across all seasons of the harsh Australian climate! This fully welded frame structure withstands bumps, jerks, and hard braking along with holding the load securely, without letting anything topple over! A pair of 2.5mm-thick checker plates are seam welded to make the base flooring, which are welded onto the frame every 80-100mm gaps.

The 300mm sheets have been folded to make stronger and fatigue-resistant Sides. Rectangular Hollow Section metal beams measuring 50x50x2.5mm (RHS), form the main frame or chassis for holding up to 2000 Kgs of weight during the ride. Coupled with the main 1500mm Drawbar built using a 100x50x3mm RHS beam, which is an iron link between your primary towing vehicle and the U-Beaut 8×5 tandem! Furthermore, the 8×5 Tandem’s ‘Eye-to-Eye shackle’ leaf springs slipper springs suspension ensures a smooth, bump-free ride through the rough, off-road track through the outback for your possessions!

The U-Beaut 8×5 Tandem speeds off using brand new 14inch steel mag wheels fitted with 185/70 tyres and with a Ford 5 stud pattern, covered and protected by included mudflaps. A handbrake driven mechanical disc brake is attached to the dual axle mechanism for locking the tandem in place, preventing any unforeseen rolling off downhill or out of its parking space. The tie-down side rails are welded all along the sides, as well as the front and the rear, permanently onto the main frame chassis! Includes a flat or round tandem plug for locking the U-Beaut 8×5 Tandem securely to the towing hook at the rear of your truck or car! With a base Tare weight of 500kg makes this one of the lightest tandems capable of carrying up to 2000 Kgs (ATM) of weight! Forget blown light bulbs like before as we provide, pre-installed LED lights, wiring, and Reflectors, that ensure the 8×5 tandem is visible to oncoming traffic easily!

All our 8×5 tandems are complaint with Australian design rules (ADR’s) 1989, as well as including Compliance Plate and VIN number! For a bit $ 330 extra, you can ask for a pre-fitted Lockable toolbox! Along with, an additional Spare wheel for $ 130 can come handy during an unseen flat during a trip! Ask quotes for Ramps, PVC Cover, H-bars, Stock gate for this model when ordering! All our prices are inclusive of GST.