Moving house? Save money and buy your own Caged Box Trailer

You would have seen our galvanized box trailers on the road most weekends, usually full of disassembled beds, fridges, surf gear, bikes, lounge suites, lawn mowers and other assorted furniture. You may have also seen U-Beaut Trailers loaded to the rails doing the weekend tip run.
That is the great suburban migration!

 Why Buy A Box Trailer?

People are always moving whether it be moving houses or apartments or taking gear on holidays. And as cars get smaller,  trailers are the obvious solution.

Despite the popularity of the larger utes such as Hi-Lux, Ford Ranger and mazda BT-50, we don’t all want to drive a large load carrying vehicle every day. There are inefficient as you are literally driving a truck everyday and they are fairly expensive. A small car with a tow bar is a much better option. You need to clean out a spare room? Hook up the trailer. Going camping with the family? Hook up the trailer. Your children have grown up and want help moving out? Hook up the trailer.

The only problem is that a trailer may sit in your back garden for months at a time without being used and rust can easily set in. Buying a galvanized trailer is the solution.

U Beaut Trailers specialise in long lasting galvanized trailers both large and small. And they are surprising cheap to buy. But here’s a warning. There are quite a few trailers sold that have cut corners in the manufacturing process and run the risk of falling apart when you need it most. U Beaut Trailers guarantee their products and don’t cut corners to make a fast buck. They want you to be a happy long term customer.

Don’t just listen to us.

This is what our customers say on our Facebook page-

“Great price and quality and great after sale service. 10/10”. – Nectar Xalali Sou Kokkinakis

“I got a custom trailer built from James. Well where do I start he absolutely nailed it everything I wanted he did no problems at all listened to me and looked after me. Nicest guy I have dealt with I highly recommend anybody that needs a trailer to go see him and his boys well done guys will be back for sure.Joey Pirera

Great service highly recommended.”-Kevin Lincoln

Most of our single and dual axle box trailers come with a removable cage which lets you really stack things higher in the trailer and give you something to tie down a free standing fridge to and stops them falling over as you go around corners.

Remember, always make sure your trailer safety chain is secure and your load is properly tied down.

Please note that the trailer in the above photo is an American Trailer, but U -Beaut can supply our standard range or custom make a trailer to specifically suit your application.