U Beauit Trailers Roller Rockers

U Beat Trailers Mean Business

U Beaut Trailers built toughIf you need flexible transport for equipment, products, garden refuse, parts or anything else required to run your business, U Beaut Trailers should be your first stop.

U Beaut Trailers can supply ready made long lasting galvanised trailers in a large range of sizes, or custom make a trailer to specifically to suit your application and budget.

When you run a business, you rely on your trailer to deliver your parts or equipment on time and the last thing you want is to spend time at the side of the road with a broken trailer.

A U Beaut Trailer is built to a quality standard and not just a price. U Beaut Trailers stand by their trailers with a class leading warranty and ensure only the best quality parts are used. We specify sturdy RHS steel and Checker plate on all our heavy duty trailers and we love supporting local business by using Australian made BlueScope steel where possible on our locally built Trailers

Un Beaut Trailers BlueScope SteelIf you are looking around, notice that U Beaut use eye-eye spring mounts rather than the cheaper slipper mounts. And on our tandems we use roller rocker springs that spread the load more evenly across both axles.

Cheaper trailers will cut corners with the size and spacing of cross bars whereas U-Beaut use a centre support and cross bracing every 350mm (depending on trailer design).

There’s an old saying, “you pay for what you get” and that applies to trailers as it does to many things in life. We have all taken the cheaper option and lived to regret it.

Call James at U Beaut Trailers today on 03-9708 2601 and ask him what he recommends for your application.